Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

No Corrode pipe

Clay Pipe & Tree roots

Grease & Paper

Blockages that cause your drains to back up can happen for a number of reasons. The most common problems that we encounter in Edmonton are no corrode pipe, clay tile pipe with tree root blockage and grease and paper blockages.

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No Corrode Pipe

No-Corrode pipe was used in Edmonton from 1940’s through the 1960’s when it was replaced with PVC. No-Corrode was lightweight, albeit brittle, and soft enough to be cut with a hand saw. It was a low cost alternative to heavier cast iron and clay tile pipes used previously. Lack of strength causes pipes made of no-corrode to fail more frequently than pipes made of other materials. The average life of no-corrode pipe is about 50 years under ideal conditions.

Tree Roots

Clay Tile Pipe With Tree Root Blockage

Tree roots are a very common problem for sewer lines constructed prior to the early 1980’s. This is because these sewer lines were built using VCT ( vitreous clay tile) pipe. Clay tile pipe is an ideal material for transporting water since it is inert. However, it does have a downside, namely… the joints.Clay tile pipe tends to leak water at the joints, making a wonderful water source for thirsty trees and shrubs.


Grease & Paper Blockages

When fats, oils, and grease are flushed down sinks, drains, or toilets, it causes problems for both you and the City.  These blockages will gradually restrict the flow of wastewater from your house, leading to sewage back-ups and the resulting damage.  They also deposit grease in the public sewer main which negatively impacts the City’s sewer system and can cause problems for numerous houses.


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