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Call CSL for Sewer Locating or Camera inspections 

Sewer locating is critical for fast repair to collapsed or leaking sewer lines. Our specialty tools and cameras are deployed to quickly find sewer line leaks and determine the course of action for quick repair or sewer line replacement.

Reoccuring leaks or sewer problems should always have a camera inspection to determine the exact cause of the problem.

Make CSL Sewercleaner your first call for sewer line problems that require a camera inspection. We are on call 24/7 and will arrive on location with all the tools to repair and advise if sewer line replacement is required.

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Why Choose CSL for sewer locating & camera inspections

24 / 7 Service

Sewer backups and sewer collapses never happen at a convenient time and we understand the urgency. CSL Sewercleaner is on call 24 / 7 for sewer locating in Edmonton.

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Chris is a former employee of the City of Edmonton / EPCOR drainage department and an expert in sewer locating and sewer repair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does CSL Sewercleaner offer sewer locating in edmonton & area?

Yes! Call CSL Sewercleaner for all sewer locating services. If you are experience a sewer backup, a sewer collapse or flooding around the floor drain of your home or commercial building. We offer emergency service around the clock to repair any sewer blockage and get you back to comfort quickly. We service Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and surrounding areas.

Can sewer lines be repaired?

Most often, we are able to located the sewer leak or blockage and repair the sewer line. In the event that the sewer line requires replacement, our experts will guide you through that process.

How do I know if I have a sewer collapse?

Frequent toilet back ups, more than one fixture getting clogged, strange plumbing sounds and smells are all indicators of potential sewer line collapse or sewer line problems. Call CSL Sewercleaner today before the problem becomes worse.


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