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How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost?

Know how much estimated cost of your Drain Cleaning project. CSL Sewer cleaners one of the trusted leading sewer cleaners in Edmonton.

Sewer Backup From Tree Roots

Sewer Backup From Tree Roots

This Edmonton Sewer Backup call was so full of tree roots that we had to pull out an entire bucket full before we could even start cutting them out of the line…

Weeping Tile Camera Inspection

Weeping Tile Camera Inspection

Images from our CSL Sewercleaner camera inspection on a recent job in Edmonton. The real time camera inspection revealed crushed spots in the weeping tile which was being filled with gravel.

How Tree Roots Can Damage Pipes

How Tree Roots Can Damage Pipes

Tree roots are a large source of damage to sewer pipes and the damage they inflict can be serious. If you are experiencing slow running drains, frequent clogs or gurgling toilets, a camera inspection of the sewer system is the definitive measure to verify if tree roots are to blame.

Gutter Debris Causes Problems

Gutter Debris Causes Problems

This job was a blocked storm water line caused by a debris build up in the gutters which clogged the storm drain. As the water overflowed it was causing the ground around the area to get washed away.

No Corrode Pipe Failure

No Corrode Pipe Failure

The City of Edmonton warned homeowners about no corrode pipe failure back in 2016 and we are still seeing problems with no corrode pipe today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does CSL fix sewer backup problems in edmonton & area?

Yes! Call CSL Sewercleaner if you are experience a sewer backup or flooding around the floor drain of your home or commercial building. We offer emergency service around the clock to repair any sewer blockage and get you back to comfort quickly.

Can you fix a clogged bathroom sink, toilet, tub or shower?

Of course we can! Clogged or blocked drains are what we do. Our specialty is identifying and repairing the problem quickly and efficiently to restore the plumbing in your home, restaurant or commercial property.

Do you offer drain cleaning in Edmonton for kitchen sinks or dishwashers?

Yes, drain cleaning is all that we do. Whether there blockage has built up slowly over time from an accumulation of grease or something has lodged in the drain pipe causing a clog, we can come out and get it repaired and operational today!

what parts of edmonton do you service?

We provide services within the city of Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park. We do our very best to reach all of our customers as quickly as possible. Give us a call and we will be on our way right away.


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