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An Unsuspected Common Cause of Sewage Backups

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‘Flushable’ Wipes Cause a lot of sewer problems

This job that we were called out for in April is a pretty common occurence. A large pile of so-called ‘Flushable’ wipes clogged the main sewer line causing a sewer backup into the home.

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Wipes Don’t Dissolve Like Toilet Paper

We know the label states that wipes are flushable but the fact of the matter is that the material used to fabricate the wipes is much more durable and less bio degrable than toilet paper.

This is easy to see and understand, if you have ever tried to wipe up water with wet toilet paper you know that it just falls apart and disintegrates, that isn’t what happens with a wipe.

Now picture that in the drain pipes that make up the plumbing in your house. It a piece of toilet paper gets caught on a snag or in a trap, it disolves and keeps moving down the drain. If the same thing happens with a wipe, it immediately starts a clog and waste water can’t get past.


Large Pile of Wipes Removed From Main Sewer Line

Wipes flushed down the toilet can become a real headache and it doesn’t matter if you are on a sewer or septic system, the problem is the same.

While plumbing is designed to carry waste water away from toilets and drains, there are always going to be bends and turns in these lines that can cause snags.

It’s not just the potential to cause blockages within your plumbing or sewer lines though, this inability to biodegrade is wreaking havoc elsewhere too.

Interuption in biodegration is leading to an overabundance of solid waste material in septic systems which can cause sewer backup in your home as well as larger problems in septic fields, your yard, drainage area and even nearby streams.

Even large cities are having problems processing sewage due to the inability of wipes to dissolve. In some places this has already lead to increased spending on sewer infrastructure to install grinders designed to breakdown these solids. This all leads to extra costs and increased taxation at the city level. 

The best solution is to be a part of the solution. Wipes are simply not flushable, to avoid these extra costs and keep your pipes and sewer system operating properly do not flush wipes!

Flushable Wipes Cause Sewer Backup
Flushable Wipes Cause sewer backup


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