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Sewer Backup From Tree Roots

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A Bucket Full of Tree Roots

This Edmonton Sewer Backup call was so full of tree roots that we had to pull out an entire bucket full before we could even start cutting them out of the line…

A Job For Edmonton's #1 Sewer Line Specialist

When you have underground sewer line problems caused by tree roots, this is a job for a specialist and CSL Sewercleaner is the trusted to expert to call in Edmonton. 

How We Remove Tree Roots From Sewer Line

There are a few techniques and we generally use mechanical cutter attachments on a power sewer auger to do this. The cutting head is covered in teeth, like a saw blade. The rotating action of the power auger cuts the roots into small chunks so that we can clean the drain.

This line was so packed we had to use a retreival tool to pull out an entire bucket full of roots before we started cutting to clear out the roots and restore flow in the sewer line.


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