Hydro Jetting Hot or Cold? Which one should I use?

Hydro Jetting Why Temperature Matters

It is possible to categorize hydro jetting in many different ways: electric, gas-powered, residential, or industrial. There is yet another classification, and that’s cold or hot water pressure power hydro jetting wash that you need to know. They also vary in many other ways, aside from the temperature of the water they use. They both have their pros and cons, of course, and learning more about each one will help you make a better choice on what temperature to use. 


Cold Hydro Jetting

The mechanical force of a pressurized water jetting depends on cold water hydro jetters to dislodge debris from the surface that needs to be washed. Typically, this force is enough to break down most impurities, but when it comes to tackling oily or greasy stains that can be found on hard surfaces such as garage floors, pavements, and driveways, they are less effective. For some of the less harsh stains, the use of detergents helps a little, but oil and grease are just too much to handle for most cold Hydro Jetting. 

To remove dirt, cold water power washers rely on high-pressure water jets, and the higher the number of PSI and GPM, the more efficient the pressure washer is. Coldwater power wash is good for removing debris of dirt only, but when it comes to oil and grease it would only harden the sticky surface making it harder to remove.


Hot Hydro Jetting (RECOMENDED)

Washing the dishes is the only example I can come up with to illustrate the efficacy of hot water units. That is right. Think about this. 

You can use hot water along with some detergent when you wash greasy dishes since it is much more efficient than cold water ashing. 

When it comes to pressure washers, it is the same. 

Yeah, but why is it more effective to have hot water? Keep on to your seats because there are some empirical items I’m going to try and describe. 

For starters, we need to look at stuff from a molecular point of view. Water molecules break free from their bonds when heated up to over 200F, that’s how you get steam. It is basically the same with grease and oil molecules. As temperatures rise, their energy levels increase and they can break free from the surfaces they are embedded in. Of course, hot water power washers also use the mechanical force of pressurized water to expel oil and grease particles from the surface. Finally, using soap breaks down the bonds created by grease and oil.

As mentioned, if you want to get surfaces spotless to the point that they are germ-free, hot water Hydro Jetting has the ability to generate steam that is very useful. Hot water and the high-pressure combo is, however, more powerful than just steam. 

Therefore for sewer cleanup, it is easier to dissolve the build-up of oils, debris, and grease using hot pressurized water jetting. 


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hydro jetting hot or cold
hydro jetting hot or cold

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hydro jetting hot or cold

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