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Edmonton warned homeowners to check state of No Corrode pipes

The Edmonton Journal wrote an article in the Local News section on August 25, 2016 warning homeowners about No Corrode pipe failures.

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Flushable Wipes Cause Sewer Backup
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Camera Inspection of No Corrode Pipe in Edmonton Shows Collapse Restricting Sewer Flow

This inspection photo was collected with our camera pipe inspection equipment last week in an Edmonton home sewer system.

Over time this pipe has collapsed and has now reached the point where it’s oval shape is causing toilet paper to back up the sewer line.

The cost of replacing the sewer line between your house and the city line typically begins at around $8,000-$10,000.

A preventative camera inspection from CSL Edmonton Drain Cleaning professionals will give you an idea if this is a cost you can anticipate in the near future or determine if a current backup in your sewer is a result of a no corrode pipe failure or a different type of clog.

The Problem With No Corrode Pipes

No corrode pipe was originally designed to withstand 50 years of use but started resulting in widespread failures after only 30 years.

Orangeburg was a brand name that manufactured no corrode pipe which was widely installed in Canadian home sewers from 1945-1980. It’s often referred to as ‘Orangeburg’ pipe and sometimes ‘Black Pipe’.

What you need to know about Orangeburg pipe is they began failing sometime in the 1990’s due to the materials that was used to construct the pipe.

This is the part that you may have trouble believing. These pipes are essentially made from cardboard… no, we aren’t kidding.

When World War II ended, the demand for cost effective construction materials was very high and companies looked to innovate.

No corrode pipe was one of those innovations and considering these pipes were built from a combination of wood pulp, coal and tar paper they have done amazingly well to last as long as they have.

You might think that the City would have your back in the case of a sewer line failure but the homeowner is responsible for the sewer line between the home and the main city line.

At CSL Sewercleaner we make use of camera equipment to inspect for no corrode pipe, both for preventative inspection measures as well as back up and repair situations.

If your home was built between 1945-1980 give us a call to talk about an inspection of your sewer plumbing before you run into problems.

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Please Scroll Through Our Client Reviews

Joel Goldsney
Joel Goldsney
Had a sink backup that was causing us major grief. CSL was able to come on very short notice and had the problem resolved in no time. Very professional and would not hesitate to use them again.
Kevin Wilke
Kevin Wilke
We called CSL based on a recommendation from a construction / renovator that we trust. Chris came out right on time to inspect our system and gave a thorough inspection. Rather than try to drum up business, he gave an honest assessment of options that ultimately resulted in us not proceeding. Truly appreciate his integrity. Would highly recommend his services.
Excellent pricing, honest, and responsive. My basement floor drained backed up with sewage. I had to call into work last second and start the hunt. My mother and I had called numerous places, with a range of quotes from 450$ to 1230$ !! Finally I found this fine, independently operated company, and was given a flat rate quote. The gentleman showed up the same day and got it done in less than hour, and no joke - flat fee with tax. CSL saved my butt. Great business, takes pride in entrepreneurship, honest and straightforward, and reasonably priced!
Grom Tom
Grom Tom
Called up CSL for some work and they were quite a bit lower on the price the a few other places, Chris was super informative and professional! Will definitely be using their services again .
Jasmine Frizzell
Jasmine Frizzell
Chris at CSL Sewer was incredible! I was having issues with Clogged pipes in my basement, Chris was able to come figure out the issue right away and cleared them out quickly and efficiently. I will continue to use Chris for all my plumbing needs! Highly recommend!
Greg Douglas
Greg Douglas
I've hired CSL a couple times for different properties and all I know is that when you hand Chris a problem, it's like handing a bone to a pit bull -he won't let go of it until he's done with it. Definitely recommend CSL Sewer Cleaner -totally reliable service and has helped us out so much. Thank you!
ian Chisholm
ian Chisholm
Chris was pleasant, competent and professional. Had a clogged basement sewer line. Cleared it quickly, for a reasonable price. I will use them again.
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips
Chris was very fast to respond and schedule a visit to check out our slow running and stuck toilet. Very professional and friendly service from CSL Sewercleaner. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Wilhelmina Ramos
Wilhelmina Ramos
Chris did an awesome job. Happy with his work. Very competitive price. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Chris. All the best !!!
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