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CSL Sewercleaner rapidly growing sewer and drainage cleaning company. Expert in clogged drains we can easily spot pipe problems and assess the situation for an immediate solution. Our prime service is clogged sewer line cleanout, sewer drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, sewer backup, and more. 


Common reasons why you need CSL sewer & drainage cleaning service:


Tree Roots

Tree roots are broadly recognized as the number one cause of blockage and clogs in water and sewer mains. Whereas it’s more common to discover tree roots attacking the channels of more seasoned homes, the roots can discover their way into frameworks of any age. CSL sewer consultant says the primary sign of tree root attack into the sewer or water line could be a gurgling sound.

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes can be a hindrance to the framework. A few cities and other substances dependable for wastewater preparation and administration have started to discourage individuals from utilizing the flushable wipes.

Fat, oil, and grease

Fat, oil, and grease are foes of plumbing and all its extras. Another progressively publicized development is one to teach buyers approximately the benefits of keeping sleek substances from going down the pipe, where they can build up and cause clogs to your drain. Workers in a commercial establishment must have specialized training what to do with whats to go and not to go down the drain, but most households don’t know these things.


For Complete Sewer Cleaning Service always trust Edmonton’s No. 1 Sewer Cleaners. We do all types of sewer services like sewer plumbing, sewer line replacement, sewer line repair, sewer line cleanout, sewer drain cleaning, and sewer backup. Servicing Edmonton and nearby areas, Camrose, Spruce Grove, Drayton Valley, Smoky Lake, Westlock, Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Lloydminster, and more.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Edmonton’s #1 sewer & drainage cleaning.

Does CSL fix sewer backup problems in edmonton & area?

Yes! Call CSL Sewercleaner if you are experiencing sewer clogging or flooding around the floor drain of your home or commercial building. We offer emergency service around the clock to repair any sewer blockage and get you back to comfort quickly.

Can you fix a clogged bathroom sink, toilet, tub or shower?

Of course we can! Clogged or blocked drains are what we do. Our specialty is identifying and repairing the problem quickly and efficiently to restore the plumbing in your home, restaurant or commercial property.

Do you offer drain cleaning in Edmonton for kitchen sinks or dishwashers?

Yes, drain cleaning is all that we do. Whether there blockage has built up slowly over time from an accumulation of grease or something has lodged in the drain pipe causing a clog, we can come out and get it repaired and operational today!

what parts of edmonton do you service?

We provide services within the city of Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park. We do our very best to reach all of our customers as quickly as possible. Give us a call and we will be on our way right away.

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