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Camera Inspection Finds Weeping Tile Crushed

Gravel Blockage In Weeping Tile

Images from our CSL Sewercleaner camera inspection on a recent job in Edmonton. The real time camera inspection revealed crushed spots in the weeping tile which was being filled with gravel. This was preventing water from reaching the sump pump to be drained away from the house.

How Weeping Tile Problems Lead To Flooded Basements

We think most people would probably agree that it’s a better idea to prevent water from getting into your basement in the first place rather than clean it up once it’s flooded.

That’s the role your weeping tile and sump pump system play, protection from flooding before it happens.

When the weeping tile is compromised or crushed as in this case, the system fails and flooding can occur.

Older clay weeping tile systems can stop working after a couple decades and become the root cause of basement flooding.

A modern weeping tile system is basically a plastic hose with perforations that allow water to enter. It’s placed around the foundation of your home to collect water and direct it to your sump pump, which acts to discharge the water away from the house.



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